OVA 4.77
Winter 1986
image for The Humanoid: Ai no Wakusei Lezeria
The Humanoid
ザ・ヒューマノイド 哀の惑星レザリア
2 years ago
Episode 1
OVA 5.58
Summer 1985
image for Mujigen Hunter Fandora
Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora
3 eps of 40 minutes
OVA 5.97
Summer 1984
image for Birth
1 ep of an hour
Movie 6.49
Summer 1986
image for Windaria
Once Upon A Time
ウインダリア, 童話めいた戦史ウインダリア
1 ep of 2 hours
OVA 6.23
Winter 1985
image for Genmu Senki Leda
Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko
1 ep of an hour