The Beastly Girl;

Yeonho Kang is a veterinary student with a strange ability: communicating with animals. Ironically kicked out of his residency program because of this, Yeonho is imposed to figure out how to get back on track, until he is offered a chance to work as a school nurse**.** There, he meets a strange and mysterious girl named Yeoul — a "feral child," unlike anyone he has ever seen before. A girl so different, yet in the most unexpected way, so similar.

ใ€–Dramaใ€— ใ€–Fantasyใ€— ใ€–Shounenใ€— ใ€–Manhwaใ€—
ส•อ™โ€ขฬซอ‘อกโ€ขส”อฆ Amangticส•อฎโ€ขฬซอคอกโ€ข ส”อ™
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