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House Elias held great prestige in the past, producing some of the Ocerian empire's finest government officials. However, those days are long gone, and the washed-up family has become the laughingstock of the nobility. Humiliated, the head of the house declares that whichever of his children earns the title of first scribe shall receive a third of his wealth and the fertile lands of Pantheon.

Tara Elias is the black sheep of her family. She is overweight and a bit dull, but when she recovers memories from her past life, she realizes her family is fated to fall in three years. Tara knows she is the only one who can change that future, so she resolves to become the next family head. Improving her mind and body simultaneously, she makes full use of her knowledge of modern Korean society. This puts her right in the path of the second prince, Kyle Amure, who is her match in wit and drive. Amidst a fierce battle between three princes for the throne, Tara will have to use everything at her disposal to become the next head of House Elias and save her damned family.

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NU Munirang 엔유 Munuilang 무늬랑
MAL Score:7.05 AniList Score:68