Jakurai Jinguji 神宮寺寂雷

__Age:__ 35 __MC Name:__ ill-DOC __Division:__ Shinjuku __Birthday:__ January 9th __Solo Songs:__ Labyrinth Wall (迷宮壁 Meikyuu Heki), You Are, Therefore I Am (君あり故に我あり Kimi Ari Yue ni ga Ari) __Quote:__ The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. One of the four former members of The Dirty Dawg and current leader of Matenrou alongside his teammates, Kannonzaka Doppo and Izanami Hifumi. A medical genius. He is tall and lean in stature and carries a mysterious aura about him. Became a doctor due to certain circumstances. He treats those in dire need of affordable healthcare. An oddball with habit of saying "very interesting." Was initially intrigued by Ramuda, but now the two have a cat/dog-like relationship. Heals others with his unique "flow". Weak to even one sip of alcohol. His hobbies are fishing and meditation. On his day off, he goes fishing with Hifumi. (Because he needs his voice to heal others, he takes good care of it.) (Source: HypMic Wiki)